Busy weeks of fall

As tends to happen in the first weeks of a new semester, we have gotten very busy lately and I haven’t updated, so here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

We had my most recently-hired colleague at the university and her husband (also now working at the university as an adjunct) over for a very nice dinner.  They are only recently arrived and are still settling into the area.  The next day we spent up in Maine for the annual cider-making.

This past Saturday I chaired a panel at the fall conference of the New England Historical Association which ranged from Romanization in Spain to the status of the Mashpee-Wompanoag tribe in Massachusetts.  All three of the presenters on my panel, it turned out, were presenting conference papers for the first time, but all of them did a marvelous job and we had a very interesting discussion.

On Sunday I started feeling sick quite suddenly.  It got worse on Monday and by Tuesday I was so sick I had to cancel my classes.  Today, Wednesday, I’m feeling much better and I expect to be back to teaching tomorrow.

Last night we felt the tremor of an earthquake.  I didn’t learn the cause until later, but I felt the house shake for a moment as if something had fallen on it.  There are no signs of damage, I’m happy to say.

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