Late summer

The signs of late summer are around us.  The nights are getting cool and so is the pond.  I spend most days wearing a shirt.  There are fewer bugs around.  The goldenrod is in bloom.  The grass doesn’t need mowing quite as often.  We’re still getting daytime highs in the mid-80s F, so fall isn’t quite with us yet, but we can feel that it’s on its way.

E. is back at work this week.  She was a few weeks with just the library staff before any of the kids come back, so she’s working a daytime schedule now rather than her usual evening schedule.  That means we get to have dinner together, which is very nice.  My classes start up in a couple of weeks, after Labor Day.  I did a lot of prep work early in the summer, but I still have things I need to take care of before everything starts.


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