About a week ago I planted some pumpkin seeds out back, hoping to have my own pumpkins for making pies and other goodies with this fall. In the past few days, the sprouts have started poking their heads out of the soil. Of sixteen seeds that I planted, nine have so far shown sprouts, which I am pretty happy about. With any luck there may be a straggler or two still to come up, but I’ll be quite content with nine pumpkin plants.

Little pumpkin sprouts. Actual size about 2 inches.

The rest of the edible garden has not been doing well this years. The fruit trees are not producing anything at all and the blueberry bushes have only yielded a couple of berries. I think they were shocked by the cold, wet spring we had. The raspberries are still doing well, though, which is nice. I need to get out and thin the canes soon, since they are spreading very enthusiastically and I don’t want them overrunning the back yard.


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