At Elrond’s table

“Pippin afterwards recalled little of either food or drink, for his mind was filled with the light upon the elf-faces, and the sound of voices so various and so beautiful that he felt in a waking dream. But he remembered that there was bread, surpassing the savour of a fair white loaf to one who is starving; and fruits sweet as wildberries and richer than the tended fruits of gardens; he drained a cup that was filled with a fragrant draught, cool as a clear fountain, golden as a summer afternoon.”

May’s Lord of the Rings dinner is the most difficult yet: an elven dinner at Rivendell. We know next to nothing about elven food and effectively nothing about what elves eat when at home. The most famous of elven foods, lembas bread, is meant as travel rations and nowhere in the novel is an ordinary elven meal described with any kind of clarity. Like much of what we know about the elves, their food is glimpsed only in ethereal, dream-like moments such as Pippin’s in the forest with Gildor’s company.

Not quite the Last Homely House, but still pretty good

So, I have had to exercise my imagination more than before. The result was very satisfying. The main course was roasted lamb. I picked lamb because one elf in Rivendell makes a joke about sheep to Bilbo Baggins, so we know sheep are at least known to the elves. We had some wine jelly made by my sister and given to us as a Christmas present that was an excellent accompaniment to the lamb (I’ve been saving some of the jelly since Christmas, knowing that this dinner was coming). With the meat I served asparagus since it is fresh and in season. There was also a salad of greens with strawberries and roasted apples (inspired by the sweet fruits of Pippin’s recollection).

Roast lamb, asparagus, and salad

For dessert I could think of nothing better than pulla, the sweet Finnish coffee bread. To go with it all we drank pear cider and white wine, then black currant liqueur with cranberries to go with dessert. I think E. outdid herself in laying the table for this one.

Fresh homemade pulla. Yum.

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4 Responses to “At Elrond’s table”

  1. pj Says:


  2. Lii Says:

    In my opinion you both outdid yourselves! Full marks for the glass pitcher – so aesthetic! – and choosing pulla to represent Elven bread. Very inspired!

    I also love how the colourful plates bring to mind the Poppy pattern by Marimekko :).

  3. EJ Says:

    Thanks, Lii! I have to say I love that pitcher, although the narrow neck makes it a pain to wash. Ikea got that one very right. And I agree – the plates remind me of Marimekko’s poppy pattern, just with more colors. -E-

  4. KHJ Says:

    That all looks delicious! I’m glad you enjoyed the wine jelly.

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