A rangers’ dinner in the wild

“’There is food in the wild,’ said Strider; ‘berry, root, and herb; and I have some skill as a hunter at need.’”

Because of general busy-ness, last month’s Lord of the Rings dinner got delayed to this month, but here it is: a dinner in the wild.

Cooking over a wood fire

I decided to be a little more authentic with this one and did all the cooking over an actual fire (in the fireplace; the day was too wet for cooking outside). It made the process a bit messier and more complicated than stove cooking, but the wood smoke added to the flavor of the food and was well worth it.

Roasted Cornish hen on greens

Our current grocery store has a good selection of meats, but alas they had no true game birds, so I settled for Cornish hens as a small and somewhat uncommon fowl. I cooked the birds with a mix of finely chopped root vegetables– onion, potato, carrot, and turnip. The hens were stuffed with scallion, sage, and rosemary and basted with white wine and honey. I did the cooking in a cast-iron pan (a “spider” to those who know that term) with the vegetables on the bottom and the fowl on top, so that the juices and flavors all mixed. I served the birds on a bed of greens and herbs with the root vegetables and pan drippings spread over them as a sauce.

Roasted fowl on greens and herbs with root vegetables

For dessert we had a mix of berries (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries) with mint leaves. Altogether it was a bit of a fancier meal than a party of rangers travelling rough in the wild would be likely to assemble, but it was all made up of the components mentioned by Strider– berry, root, herb, and game– and prepared on an open fire. The result was delicious and made me feel very proud of my efforts.

Berries and mint

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One Response to “A rangers’ dinner in the wild”

  1. pj Says:

    Looks yummy! Sounds like a lot of work!

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