May showers

After a warm, dry winter we are now getting a cool, wet spring. We keep getting rain and drizzle day after day, with an occasional peek of sun maybe once a week. The weather is depressing, but at least the trees have come out into full green leaf, which makes us smile when we look out the window.

I have been busy with grading for the past few days. I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but I’m past halfway now. On the whole, the work has been pretty good this semester. I think I may be figuring out some ways of getting better work out of my students. In Northern Europe this semester, I assigned four papers, of which the last was a combination of the previous three, so when my students came to writing their last paper they had all their earlier work and my comments on it to work from. It makes for much more enjoyable grading when I can expect good papers than when I have to brace myself for bad ones.


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