Calgary conference

Yesterday was the first day of the conference, so I spent most of the day listening to presentations. I am definitely in the right field when after eight hours of talks I’m still interested in hearing the next one. The papers cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from laughter as a response to battle trauma to poetic descriptions of Alexander’s campaigns to the capabilities of the breeds of horses used by Roman and Parthian cavalry forces. It is fascinating to get glimpses into areas that I know so little about.

I gave my paper yesterday afternoon. It was well received and I got many interesting questions, and several people complimented me on the presentation afterwards. I’ve been so absorbed with teaching for these past few years that I haven’t had the energy to devote to a lot of scholarly work and the articles that I have sent out for publication have all been rejected, so I’ve been feeling disconnected from the larger academic world. This has helped me feel like I’m back in the game.


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