In like a lion

This has been a very strange winter. The first big snow fell just before Halloween, then we got nothing for months. The past few weeks have been so warm it almost felt like spring was coming a month early. Even some of the trees were starting to push out buds.

Then on the night of February 29 it started to snow. The snow kept coming down all night and all the next day. I was surprised that SSU didn’t cancel classes, given the state of the roads. Around campus it was mostly just melting on the ground, but not too far north and west the roads were getting covered in sticky slush. I hear that southern New Hampshire got more than a foot in places. Given the conditions, I was surprised at how many students showed up for class.

The front of the house with snow-covered lawn and bushes

Driving home at night was especially unpleasant. I stayed on the back roads and took it slow. I hardly dared imagine what the highway might look like.

The snow tapered off last night and this morning is cloudy but quiet. Everything is covered in white like we haven’t seen all winter. The snow is already starting to melt and with the warm temperatures that are forecast for the next few days I’m sure it won’t last long, but it was nice to get at least a little snow this winter.

The fruit trees out back

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