Catching up: Fall special dinners

I never got around to posting about our special dinners from last fall, so here is an update.  My theme for last year was fresh local foods, so of course the fall harvest was a great resource.


September’s dinner started with cold carrot and beet soup.  The main course was stuffed cabbage rolls in rosemary mint sauce and roasted potatoes.  Dessert was a ginger peach pie.

Cold carrot and beet soup

Cabbage rolls stuffed with ground beef and herbs in rosemary mint sauce, with roasted potato wedges

Ginger peach custard pie

Local ingredients: beets, cabbage, carrots, eggs, peaches, rosemary



For October we opened with pumpkin ravioli with butter and fresh herbs, followed by ham with artichoke and mashed potatoes, ending with an apple tart.  (Locally grown artichokes!  Who would have imagined?)

Homemade pumpkin ravioli with parsley, sage, and butter

Baked ham with fruit sauce, mashed potato, and artichoke with hollandaise sauce

Apple tart

Local ingredients: apples, artichoke, eggs, ham, pumpkin



November’s dinner started with a salad followed by scallops with rice and dandelion greens.  Pumpkin cheesecake was the dessert.

A salad of greens with roasted apple and squash, topped with crushed cashews


Seared scallops, rice, and dandelion greens cooked with bacon

Pumpkin cheesecake

Local ingredients: apples, bacon, dandelion greens, pumpkin, scallops, squash


2 Responses to “Catching up: Fall special dinners”

  1. KHJ Says:

    Those dinners all look scrumptious (although you know how I feel about scallops). Can you point me to a recipe for the cabbage rolls? Or did you improvise them?

    • heatherhouse Says:

      Thanks! I looked at a couple of recipes for the cabbage rolls and then improvised from there. One was in my Finnish cookbook, but the other was in Joy of Cooking. Here’s roughly what I did:

      I stripped the outermost leaves off a head of cabbage and discarded them, then took the next dozen or so leaves and boiled them in lightly salted water for about 10 minutes. Then I drained the leaves and with a sharp knife stripped off most of the spine from the back of each leaf.
      For the filling, I mixed half a pound each of ground pork and ground beef with one egg, some breadcrumbs, and some sauteed onion and garlic. I rolled the leaves around palmfulls of filling and sauteed the rolls in a frying pan until brown on the outside. Then I transferred the rolls to a baking dish, poured two cups of beef stock over them, and baked them for half an hour.

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