Hurricane-cum-tropical storm Irene came and went on Sunday. We were prepared for the worst, but it wasn’t bad at all. We had high winds much of the day and off and on rain, but it was no worse than a summer thunderstorm. A lot of twigs and small branches were knocked out of the trees, along with a larger branch here and there, but I was expecting at least a tree or two down and that didn’t happen. The power flickered several times during the day, but it never went out for more than a few seconds, which was especially surprising since it’s not unusual for us to lose power during high winds (living at the end of a dirt road in the woods will do that). Hearing about the flooding in Vermont, I can say we got lucky. The pond is up a few inches, noticeably colder, and a lot murkier since the storm, but we didn’t see any real flooding here.

E. has now been through her first hurricane, even if it didn’t amount to much here.


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One Response to “Irene”

  1. KHJ Says:

    Glad you weathered the storm.

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