Family reunion

Yesterday we took a trip down to Connecticut for a gathering of my mother’s mother’s extended family. My grandmother had a lot of siblings, who had a lot of children and a boatload of grandchildren, most of whom I have never met. In fact, there were at least a good fifty people there, some of whom I may have met at some point in my life, but no one that I could say I knew.

The setting was a pleasant one, a house with a great big back yard in rural Connecticut. There was a pool, much to the delight of the little ones (there was lots of splashing), a deck, several large canopies for shade, and a big grill. Food was burgers and hot dogs, plus a wide assortment of pasta, potato, and green salads, with some other nibbles on the side. Several home brewers in the crowd brought samples of their production, although I didn’t get around to trying any (one was spiced with habanero peppers, which turned me right off).

You could tell it was a gathering of that branch of the family in two ways: first, the hair. That family has distinctive dark curly hair, which I got some of myself. We didn’t see quite as much of it as we were expecting to, but we saw enough. Second, the cheerfully chaotic way in which the day proceeded. There was no program or plan, people showed up over a span of several hours, food appeared when it was ready and people ate when they were hungry. The kids ran around and splashed in the pool, people wandered in and out. Nobody made any fuss or tried to organize things and everybody just had a good time doing whatever they felt like doing.

Although we were outsiders of a sort, there were many of the older folks who remembered “Aunt Patty” (my grandmother) or my mother and her siblings. We chatted with some of the younger folks as well, both family members and those who were, like E., “guilty by association.”

We spent several pleasant hours there, but made an early departure since we had a long drive home. The drive was not a difficult one, although it was long and we ran into slow traffic a few times. All in all, we had a good day.


One Response to “Family reunion”

  1. KHJ Says:

    Thanks for the report! Are those waterlilies (in the masthead) from Rock Pond?

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