Flora and fauna

The spring flowers are passing, but the woods are full of green.

The blueberry bushes are heavy with blossoms turning into berries.

Blueberry blossoms

Bountiful bunches of blueberry blossoms

The raspberry bushes are growing with abandon and producing lots of little green nubs that will become berries in a month or two. One of our cherry trees is full of little fruits. The other has produced only a couple this year, but those are the first fruits it has put out.

One green cherry

Lovely little cherry, grow up to be big and juicy and delicious!

The pear trees were full of blossoms in the springtime, but it’s too soon to tell whether any of them are turning into fruit.

Our recent local animal spottings include two brown rabbits, a fox, gaggles of geese with downy goslings, and uberloads of chipmunks.

The weather lately has been into the low 80s and humid. We’ve had several thunderstorms come through, one of which created a two-hour blackout a couple weeks ago. We had a noisy one this morning that made the lights flicker for a second, but no worse. I haven’t been into the pond yet, but I’m hoping to rectify that very soon.


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