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The work goes on

May 26, 2011

The papers have been graded.

The grades have been submitted.

The last meetings have been held.

The graduates have marched.

The school year has finally ended.

And, after a few days of recovery, I have started planning fall courses. It just never ends.


Summer ahead

May 9, 2011

The semester is over. Classes have ended and I am now in the midst of grading. It was a good semester, all in all. One of my classes ended up being a lot of trouble, lots of absences and not much motivation in those who were there, but the rest were all fantastic. I especially enjoyed my graduate class the semester. I have always found the graduate classes at SSU rewarding, but this semester’s crew was particularly commendable. I hope to have the grading finished in a few days. There are a few meetings and events for me still to attend, but after that the spring semester will be well and truly over and my summer will begin.

I have a few plans for the summer. I am working on an article to try sending out for publication. I have a few new classes to plan for the fall. The big event of the summer, though, has been in the works for a while: E. and I are going to Britain to walk the line of Hadrian’s Wall. We have made arrangements with an outfit that will carry our luggage from one bed and breakfast to the next while we walk during the day. We’ve been going on practice walks for several months to get ourselves into shape for the walk. We’ll be walking for eight days, with a rest day in the middle, going from the east coast of Britain across to the west. This is something I have wanted to do for years and we finally decided to make it happen.