Back again

It has been another long time without any updates, I know. Hopefully I’ll be back to posting more regularly now that the worst of the semester is over.

Spring started teasing us a month ago, but it’s only this week that it feels like it has finally arrived. We lost the last of the snow from our yard last weekend. E. and I spent all of Saturday raking the dead leaves and other winter debris from the lawn and kicking at the last lingering patches of snow. The smaller trees are starting to put out tiny buds. I’ve been out to prune the fruit trees and hang weights on some of the branches, trying to encourage them to grow wide and bushy rather than straight up. We still have flannel sheets and a blanket on the bed, but we often have a window cracked open during the daytime on the sunny side of the house. The ice disappeared from the pond last week. The signs of spring are popping up al around us.

There has been discussion for some time at E.’s work about staffing changes. It has been sounding like they want her to start working a full-time position in the fall, and today she was finally offered the job. We’re both glad that she’ll be continuing to work at a place where she has been happy.


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