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Spring makes an entrance

March 8, 2011

Spring is definitely on its way. Up to a few days ago, I still couldn’t say that it was feeling like spring. The sun was clearly beginning to return after winter, which was nice to see, but the weather was still late-wintry. We were starting to get warm days here and there, but in between it was back to cold and deep dumps of snow. But the past several days have been distinctly mild. We have lost a lot of snow and patches of bare ground are starting to show. The sun is strong enough that we can chip away at the remaining snow banks, spread it out on the blacktop of the driveway, and watch it melt.

E. and I made our weekly grocery trip today and were able to go together since she’s on break, something we don’t get to do much with her new work schedule. We also went out for a nice long walk in the sunshine this afternoon and explored a side road we haven’t been on before. Afterward we had a sauna and then dinner. It was a day of simple pleasures.


Waiting for spring (break)

March 3, 2011

It was a busy month. Sorry for letting the journal slip. Here are the highlights:

– Because of a colleague’s departure, E. is now doing a daytime shift at the library in addition to her regular evening shift. She leaves in the morning, comes home for a few hours in the afternoon, and then goes back to work after dinner. This leaves us with much less time to spend together and I have started doing things like grocery shopping on my own that we used to do together.
– I’ve been getting the immunotherapy shots once a week for a few weeks now. It’s a very easy and painless procedure. E. had something similar years ago and experienced side effects of exhaustion after every shot, but I haven’t had any real side effects so far. Maybe it’s my different body or maybe there’s something different in the way it’s being done these days. I don’t expect to see any results for a few years, but I’m glad I’ve started on this course.
– E. and I are planning a long walking trip this summer, so we’ve started on a plan of walking and exercise together to get ourselves into shape. I’ll have more details to share about this soon.
– Classes are going very well for me. I have one less-than-enthusiastic World History class which can be challenging to get going, but the rest of my classes are thoroughly enjoyable.
– The weather has been alternating between a few days of warmer, sunny days with promise of the oncoming spring and then a few days of cold and sometimes snow bringing winter back with a vengeance. This has been a hard winter. At their height, the snowbanks by the road were getting over my head and even the middle of the lawn was under several feet. Little by little, the snow is starting to go down, but it still lies heavy on the land. My spring break is coming up the week after next. Last year, by spring break the snow was all gone and we were starting to have warm, sunny days. We’ll see what this year brings.