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Digging out

January 13, 2011

The final total for yesterday’s storm is 17” by our measurement. That was a lot of digging out to do, since E. had to get to work in the evening (classes at her school were canceled for the snow, it seems, but the library still had to be open in the evening for some reason). We have four different sizes of snow shovel to work with and we used them all in clearing out the driveway. Last year we had frequent snow, but rarely in large amounts, so we had to spend a lot of time clearing the driveway, but never of more than five or six inches of snow. This year, at least so far, we’ve instead been getting occasional big dumps of snow– ten inches in the last one, seventeen in this. Digging out seventeen inches of snow by hand would have been a pretty terrible job, but a couple of our neighbors came over and gave us a hand with their snowblowers.

Last night I made a batch of pumpkin cranberry bread, using up the last of the pumpkin that I cooked, mashed, and froze in the fall– some for us, and some as a thank-you for the neighbors.

Pumpkin cranberry bread



More snow

January 12, 2011

Updated update: 17″ (43 cm) at 7 PM.  It looks like the snow has finally stopped here, just drifting on the wind now.

Update: 15.5″ (40 cm) of snow on the back deck at 3:30 PM.

We are in the thick of another winter storm, this one even more intense than the last. Most of our last snowfall had blown and melted quietly away and we were almost to bare ground. Now we have about 13 inches (32 cm) on the back deck (which is sheltered by the house) and it is still coming down very fast.



In a few hours, we will have to head out an start shoveling, because E. needs to get to work tonight. If it continues like this, I will probably have to go out and clear the driveway again before she gets back at night.

Snowstorm: before and after

January 2, 2011

Before 10 inches of snow:


The driveway

Back yard

After 10 inches of snow:


The driveway

The back yard

Now we’ve had several days of warm temperatures and lost a lot of snow to melting, but it is still deep enough on the ground to show the tracks of deer wandering all over our yard.