Christmas is coming

We went grocery shopping yesterday to find that the store is already playing Christmas music. I shouldn’t be surprised, since in the retail world Christmas seems to start the moment the last plate is cleaned from Thanksgiving, but it still takes me by surprise every year. It’s a wonder we’re not sick of the whole thing by the time the actual holiday rolls around. But I still love Christmas and everything that comes with it– family and friends getting back in touch, bringing something green and fresh inside while the world outside is dying away, defying the oncoming darkness of winter with light and song.

We haven’t seen snow yet here in Georgetown, but the signs of winter’s approach are starting to appear. Only a few stubborn trees are still holding on to their leaves. The little puddle at the turn of Heather Road that was full of frogs in the summer has iced over, and a skim of ice is starting to creep over the lake from the shores. The days are getting shorter and darker, with the sun never climbing very high in the sky even at midday. Soon we’ll be thinking about getting a tree and setting up candles in the windows. I have a lot to get through between now and then– the end of classes, exams, grading, jury duty– but it’s good to have Christmas to look forward to.


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