Daylight losings

The time has come again when we all go through the collective fraud of daylight savings time. While I don’t mind getting one extra hour of sleep one night out of the year, the only thing that comes of it is that it is now light for an extra hour in the early morning while I’m still sleeping and it gets dark sooner at night. Today was a gray, cloudy November day, which didn’t improve things. It was depressing to see E. set off to work in darkness. I’m sure we’ll get used to it, as always, and we’ll enjoy a special treat in the springtime when we get our evening light back, but for today daylight savings time strikes me as an especially useless idea.



One Response to “Daylight losings”

  1. KHJ Says:

    Hear hear. Or rather–let’s have DST year round and get rid of standard time.

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