Friends, family, and fruit

A couple of weekends ago, our friends Miti and Stephen came up to visit us. It’s always delightful to see them, and this time was no exception. Miti and I did a lot of academic talking, probably boring poor E. and Stephen, but we also played games and enjoyed the sauna and went out to pick apples.

The farm where I’ve been going for milk and meat also has a small apple orchard next to the farmstand for pick-yourself apples. When we arrived, we were surprised to find that most of the trees had been picked over already, but by going further down some of the rows we were still able to find plenty of apples to pick. E. and I got a couple of bags’ worth. We also picked out a pumpkin that will grace our porch with a smile (or maybe a scowl– I haven’t carved it yet) this Halloween.

Our haul of fall fruit

This past weekend we were up in Maine at my folks’ for our annual cider-making. We brought along our contribution of apples, as well as a home-made pumpkin pie to share for dessert. We had a lovely sunny day for it, a little windy but warm nonetheless, and though grinding and pressing the apples is a lot of work, we had fun doing it and came home with several bottles of the delicious result.

Our motley assortment of apples being washed before they go into the hopper for the cider press


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