A couple of our World of Warcraft friends who are, like us, husband and wife in real life, just had a baby, so we’re sending them a little package. E. made a beautiful quillow (quilt that folds up into a pocket and makes a pillow) inspired by the board game Settlers of Catan, which we know they also play. I wanted to add something myself, but couldn’t think of anything for a long time, then I had an idea.

World of Warcraft uses lots of standard fantasy-type creatures– goblins, orcs, dragons, giants, and so on– but one of the game’s distinctive creatures is the moonkin, a sort of overgrown magical owl with antlers (yes, it is just as weird as it sounds). They look like this:

World of Warcraft moonkin

A few years ago, when I was learning to knit, I made a few kaulaliinakaneja (scarf rabbits) as silly little presents for E.’s sisters:

Kaulaliinakaneja / scarf rabbits

Using the same basic pattern, I knit a stuffed moonkin:

Stuffed moonkin

I hope they’ll like it.



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