Grass-fed and glass-bottled

E. and I recently went off on an excursion just to explore some of the local area. We went a little farther afield and wound up driving past the stand for a local farm that we’ve heard of but never visited. I went back a couple days later to check out what they had to offer and was very impressed. They have their own fruits and vegetables, as well as a wide selection of other produce. Even more intriguing to me, the sell their own local, grass-fed beef and pork as well as milk in glass bottles from a local dairy. I have fond memories of getting milk in glass bottles from a nearby dairy in the summertime at the old camp, and in our last year in New York there was an area dairy selling milk in glass bottles at the farmers’ market near Columbia.

I taste-tested the local milk beside my usual grocery store milk and could taste a real difference– the local dairy milk tasted better. The farmstand is a bit too far away to make it a regular shopping place, but I’m very happy to have found a good source for local grass-fed meats and I will take advantage of it for milk when I can as well.



One Response to “Grass-fed and glass-bottled”

  1. KHJ Says:

    Sounds great!

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