Finland: getting there

We’ve flown to Europe on many different airlines and through many different cities, but we’ve found Finnair’s direct flights to Helsinki to be the most comfortable, reliable, and convenient. When you’re facing a 24+ hour day of schlepping luggage around, changing time zones, and fitting yourself into cramped seats in between dueling bawling babies, even a small difference in comfort, reliability, and convenience makes a big difference, so we prefer to fly by Finnair if we can. Unfortunately, Finnair has stopped flying to Boston (boo!), so we couldn’t take a direct flight from Logan to Helsinki as we’ve done in the past couple of years. Instead, we had to fly from Boston to New York (boo!) in order to get the Finnair direct flight to Helsinki.

When we boarded the Finnair flight, we were delighted to discover that we were on a fresh new plane with a new in-flight entertainment system. Rather than just showing a couple of movies on screens around the cabin, each seat had its own screen where you could choose for yourself from a few dozen different movies and episodes of numerous tv shows to watch at your own leisure. It made for a much more enjoyable flight. Less happily, we found ourselves seated directly in font of one baby and just back and to the right of another, both of whom had numerous crying fits over the course of the flight. Still, all in all it was a smooth, pleasant flight and were both in good spirits when we arrived in Helsinki.

The Finnish landscape

The Finnish landscape seen from above, with a Finnair wing

We had to wait a little while to get our flight up to Oulu. While waiting we had some delicious salmon soup in an airport restaurant. By the time we got to Oulu, we had been going for one very long day and both went straight to bed. We woke up a little while later to have some more food, and then went back to bed again.


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