We’ve been having a long run of cool, wet, gray weather, so when this morning was mostly clear and warm we took advantage of it to go strawberry picking at a local farm. They have a farmstand that we have driven by before but never yet visited. We went in today and found it stocked with the expected early vegetables, but also baked goods, pottery, and plenty of plants and gardening gear. Heading further back towards the strawberry fields, we found goats and sheep and, delightfully, rabbits.

Two rabbits

Two rabbits enjoying a carrot together

Somewhat more surprisingly: a pair of peacocks!

Two peacocks

Handsome fellows, and well they know it!

It was a pleasant walk out to the fields. There was a family with a couple of small children also picking, but we kept our distance and had a pleasant little while picking berries.

Erik picking strawberries

Erik picking strawberries

We found many berries going by and starting to rot. I am still sometimes surprised by discovering that the growing season here is a bit off from what I am used to in Maine. Still, we made a good haul of berries pretty quickly.

A large box of strawberries

Our haul

We enjoyed a dish of berries each ofter lunch and have been preparing the rest to be put away.


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One Response to “Strawberries”

  1. KHJ Says:

    The rabbits are very cute!

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