Blueberry enclosure

We seem to have some bold deer in the neighborhood. Last year we had some come almost up to the house to nibble on our trees and bushes and we’ve seen herds of as many as eight moving through the woods in the wintertime, so we have to make sure to protect our plants. Last summer we put up some deer netting on poles dug into the ground, but that didn’t stand up too well to the deer, the wind and rain, and the weight of snow in the winter, so now we’re working on something more durable. Here’s our enclosure for the blueberry bushes.

Deer netting blueberry enclosures

That should keep the nibblers out.

Hopefully that will keep deer and other critters out of our berries. The netting on the long sides is not tacked down to the frame on the bottom but is wrapped around a loose beam so that we can lift it up and out of the way when we want to get at the bushes and their berries.

The blueberry bushes did produce flowers this spring and there are berries growing, but not nearly so many as last summer. Then again, a lot of things seem to be under-performing this season. Maybe it was a rough winter, or maybe the spring and summer have come on too cool and wet. So far this June is shaping up to be depressingly like last June, with gray clouds and rain almost every day. At least we can be sure that no critters will get at what berries we do have coming.

Edit: I’m astonished by how many people seem to be getting to this entry from web searches.  I hope you find it useful, or at least interesting, but it probably isn’t what you were looking for.  I just keep this journal for friends and family to know what I’m up to, I never intended to provide any really useful or practical information about protecting blueberry bushes.

I can say, though, that the enclosure we built has stood up well to the elements and effectively kept the deer out of our berries.  If anyone wants any further information about the enclosure, just drop me a line in the comments and I’ll provide whatever information I can.

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