I didn’t sleep last night. I don’t know why. I was tired. I hadn’t had any caffeine. I wasn’t particularly stressed about anything. I went to bed and closed my eyes and lay there quietly, trying to relax, but sleep didn’t come. After a while I got up and read for a bit, then went back to bed. Again, I was tried and lay quietly, but still sleep didn’t come. At four in the morning I gave up and came downstairs to do some work.

I have always had an insomniac bent, although the past few years of not living in New York and not swimming in orals/dissertation/job search stress have been markedly better. Most nights now it doesn’t take me longer than an hour to get to sleep. Now and then I have a tougher night and toss and turn for a couple of hours and sometimes I feel wakeful enough to get up and go read in the guest room for a while. But this is the first completely sleepless night I have had since we moved into Heather House, so in more than a year. It’s still not pleasant, but compared to the later stages of my orals when I was having these nights on a weekly-to-monthly basis, it’s a definite improvement.

Today is my last day of undergraduate classes, and I don’t have anything planned other than a few student presentations and some wrapping up business, so it should be an easy day. I’m glad I don’t have to go out and face a hard day of teaching difficult topics. In a few hours I’ll be home and hopefully by then I can just fall into bed and get down to some serious snoozing.


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