Today is May Day, called vappu in Finland. We started our day with a relaxing sauna and decided to take the day easy. E. has had a tough week at work; several of the day staff have been away at a conference, so she’s been going in to cover some of their hours during the day in addition to her regular evening shift. I’ve had a relatively easy week, but it’s getting to the end of the semester and I’m getting burned out, so we could both use a bit of a break.

Springtime moves on apace around us. The smaller trees have all their leaves out and the larger trees are eagerly pushing out buds. Some of the early wildflowers are starting to go by, but we have a lovely little patch of violets who apparently hitched a ride with the raspberry bushes I brought down from Maine last summer. The raspberries themselves seem to have taken quite well and it looks like they are putting out buds– we look forward to picking some berries in the summer.

The back lawn is greening up nicely, but the front lawn is a little brown and sickly looking. Hopefully a little sun and a little rain will help it start growing again.


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