Good works

My accomplishment for the day:

Our new work table

We’ve been wanting a work table in the garage for a while.  Earlier this week  we rented a van so we could go and pick up some lumber.  I did a bit of cutting and assembly a few nights ago while E. was at work, but most of it got done today.  It’s just a rough table, nothing fine or fancy, but it should be a good thing to pound some nails on, or hold a piece of wood for the saw, or do a little painting on top of.  With E.’s help I got it maneuvered into the garage and set up against one wall.

Our local greasy spoon had a special event this evening– a portion of each check went to sponsor a couple of people walking for breast cancer research.  We decided it was a good excuse to go out for dinner.



4 Responses to “Good works”

  1. KHJ Says:

    I like the table!

  2. Mom Says:

    WOW!!! I like the table, too! Good works indeed! And I’m slow to catch up. Hope you have voice again. And I love the heading now. Are those 2 white heathers with the pink one from Maine?

  3. habilis Says:

    Great table!

  4. Lii Says:

    Very impressive!

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