Spring has sprung

There are birds singing in the trees and squirrels scampering all over. The chipmunks have woken up and started to converse. The small plants underfoot are putting out green new leaves and even a few early flowers. The maple trees are dotted with little red buds. The sun has come back strong and the light now lingers until after 7 in the evening. Spring is definitely upon us.

Today was almost summer, though. The sky was clear and bright and the temperature got up to near 80 F (over 25 C). For the first time this year, we didn’t put the heat up when we came downstairs in the morning, and I got my sandals out of the closet for the first time. E. and I had a big early lunch, then went out to do outdoor work. She worked on raking up the lawn while I went and cut a few more pieces of trunk off the fallen pine in our woods. After a sauna to clean up, we walked into town for dinner and got ice cream for dessert.


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