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Good works

April 24, 2010

My accomplishment for the day:

Our new work table

We’ve been wanting a work table in the garage for a while.  Earlier this week  we rented a van so we could go and pick up some lumber.  I did a bit of cutting and assembly a few nights ago while E. was at work, but most of it got done today.  It’s just a rough table, nothing fine or fancy, but it should be a good thing to pound some nails on, or hold a piece of wood for the saw, or do a little painting on top of.  With E.’s help I got it maneuvered into the garage and set up against one wall.

Our local greasy spoon had a special event this evening– a portion of each check went to sponsor a couple of people walking for breast cancer research.  We decided it was a good excuse to go out for dinner.



April 22, 2010

I have lost my voice. The allergy season has begun in earnest and that is always hard on my throat, but I think I must have caught something as well, since I am also feeling tired and generally crummy and even allergies don’t usually hit my voicebox quite this hard. At the best, I can manage a strong whisper. This, of course, makes teaching pretty much impossible. I managed to give my Greece and Rome students a discussion activity for them to do during yesterday’s class, but I just had to send my World History students home with a reading assignment.

Spring has sprung

April 3, 2010

There are birds singing in the trees and squirrels scampering all over. The chipmunks have woken up and started to converse. The small plants underfoot are putting out green new leaves and even a few early flowers. The maple trees are dotted with little red buds. The sun has come back strong and the light now lingers until after 7 in the evening. Spring is definitely upon us.

Today was almost summer, though. The sky was clear and bright and the temperature got up to near 80 F (over 25 C). For the first time this year, we didn’t put the heat up when we came downstairs in the morning, and I got my sandals out of the closet for the first time. E. and I had a big early lunch, then went out to do outdoor work. She worked on raking up the lawn while I went and cut a few more pieces of trunk off the fallen pine in our woods. After a sauna to clean up, we walked into town for dinner and got ice cream for dessert.


April 1, 2010

A couple of modestly noteworthy anniversaries have passed.

For one, we have now been living in Heather House for about a year and a month. We are still both very much in love with the house. We can’t seem to stop remarking to one another about how lucky we were to find this house. Clearly, this was the right choice for us. I don’t enjoy my commute into Salem all that much, but it could certainly be worse, and I think it’s worth it to come home to a house that I enjoy so much.

On another note, it has been over a year since we last watched broadcast television. The last thing I watched on broadcast tv was Obama’s inauguration; I don’t know if E. has watched anything since then. We haven’t even bothered to get a digital converter box. This doesn’t mean we haven’t been enjoying tv programming– we have been watching plenty on DVDs and online where we can watch as much as we feel like at a time, whenever we want to, pause to go get a drink or back up a few minutes to catch a missed line whenever we feel like it. We are definitely part of the new generation that advertisers and broadcasters are so antsy about who are no longer interested in watching broadcast television and are getting our entertainment in other ways that are harder to landmine with advertisements.

Noteworthy in another way is the incredible three-day rainstorm we have just come out of. Rock Pond is high once again, although not up to the same levels as before. Lots of roads are flooded or washed out, including several that are part of my commute. All week I’ve had to find alternate routes to and from work, which is getting frustrating. I’ve had students miss class because their cars got flooded up to the windows, which is rotten to have to deal with. We are still high and dry in Heather House, with no more than a little seepage into our basement. If these past two storms didn’t flood us, I think we can feel pretty safe for the coming decades.