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March showers

March 17, 2010

We had Theo visiting us for the past few days, which was wonderful. It’s always a pleasure to see him and it’s nice that he was able to take some time to come down and visit us during our spring break.

The first few days of his visit we were experiencing a terrific wind and rain storm. We stayed inside playing games, cooking, and talking, which was perfect. On Tuesday the sun came out and we were able to enjoy some of the first warm, sunny days of spring. We strolled into town for dinner.

After the storm passed we were able to see that it had really done some damage. The rain and melting snow have raised the level of the water in Rock Pond by a good 3 – 4 feet.

Rock Pond flooded. The usual shoreline is out where those trees are growing. The horizontal object you can see just peeking over the waterline in the middle right is the back of the bench that the neighbors put down by the water's edge.

Some of the nearby houses are flooded and lots of people are pumping out their basements. I’m pleased to say that we have barely a drop in our basement or garage. Many of the nearby roads are flooded out, which made trouble for us when we had to deliver Theo to the train station in Haverhill this morning, but we got him there on time. I hear from the local radio news that some rivers in the area may not even have hit their peak yet.


Happy spring break

March 13, 2010

Spring break has started. It’s blowing a gale and raining buckets. I have two stacks of exams to grade and two more of papers. E. has a nasty headache. Whoop-de-ding, let the good times roll.

Tree work begins

March 4, 2010

E. and I headed out back first thing in the morning to start working on cutting up the fallen trees. There are more trees down than we at first realized– when the big pine came down, it seems to have brought some smaller (though still good-sized) oaks down with it. I got to work limbing the pine while E. started hauling the bigger branches out of the way. We were at it for less than an hour, though, before it started snowing heavily. The snow went on for the rest of the day, shifting occasionally between wet snow and freezing rain, but there’s been no real accumulation.