Lessons too-well learned

After the last major predicted snowstorm, which turned out to hardly amount to anything but which got classes at SSC canceled anyway, someone seems to have decided that they won’t make the same mistake again. The result, in accordance with the Wile E. Coyote Theory of Completely Foreseeable Unforeseen Consequences, is that today we did get a serious storm that made a dangerous mess of the roads, but classes were held anyway. That meant that I had to drive down to Salem in thick, blowing snow on roads covered with two to three inches of snow and slush for my evening grad class.

Only half of my class showed up, and I don’t blame those who stayed home one bit. Instead of holding a regular two and half hours of class, though, we just spent half an hour talking through some of the more difficult points of the reading and then wrapped it up. The issues before us today were fundamental ones that we will need to carry forward in the course, so since I’ll need to talk about them again later, I didn’t see any point in going into great depth when half the class wasn’t there.

On my way home, the roads were even worse. Plows were out all over the place doing their best to clear the roads, but it was coming down so hard and fast there just wasn’t much they could do. I decided to stay off the highway altogether and take a back-roads route that I sometimes use, and I’m glad I did. At one point, the route I took crosses over the highway, and glancing down form the bridge, all I could see in either direction was cars off the road and flashing emergency lights.

I made it home safe and managed to get through the three inches of snow on the driveway to get into the garage. E. is still at work and I hope she’ll be able to make it home and into the garage without any trouble (I have great confidence in her winter driving skills, but the snow is still accumulating out there and it’s only going to get worse).


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