A whiff of spring

Well, yesterday’s “Snowpocalypse of the century oh no hide the women and children we’re all going to be buried in snow and not be found until May” storm turned out to be more like a “mild dusting of snow that you’d better not sneeze on or it will all blow away.” The worst of it was that it left a film of black ice on the driveway that E. had to be careful of when coming home from work at night.

Today, the sun has come out strong and we’re getting a fair bit of melting. E. and I strolled into town to pick up a few things at the grocery store. The sun felt stronger than it has in the past few months and we could smell the muddy melting smells of early spring. I’m sure we’re in for more cold weather and probably more snow before this winter gives up, but it’s nice to get a little reminder that spring is on its way.


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