Back in the grind

E. and I are both back at work. The aftereffects of the swine flu vaccine we got a few weeks back knocked E. out for a week, but she got better. My classes have been going for a couple of weeks now and we’re both getting back into the schedules and routines of work.
This semester I’m teaching three undergraduate classes during the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and an evening graduate class on Tuesdays. On the one hand, having only three classes in a row as opposed to the four I was teaching last fall is much less exhausting. On the other hand, having to drive down to Salem four days a week instead of just three is more taxing. It’s a hard trade-off, but it’s made a lot easier by how great my classes are. I just came from my grad class this evening after having a wonderful two-hour discussion in which almost everyone had a lot to say.


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