The snow let up for a while on the evening of New Year’s Day, but started again at night and continued nonstop for several more days. There was also a wind out of the west, sometimes quite strong. We were quite happy not to have to go anywhere until today

I decided to give my new snowshoes a try, despite the blowing snow. I strapped them on outside and found them quite comfortable and effective. E. walked with me down to the lake (not on her snowshoes– she’s had a bad headache for a couple of days, so she’s holding off on trying anything adventurous), then turned back while I went on. The ice was nice and solid (as proven by the kids on snowmobiles and an ATV who were tearing around in circles). I walked up the long south shore of the lake, around the western end, and back along the northern shore. I stopped and chatted with a woman who was clearing snow off the ice for her kids to skate on.


The southern and northern shores of Rock Pond are surprisingly thickly built up. It doesn’t show very much from where we are, but getting out on the lake you can see many places where the houses are practically on top of one another. It was a rather shocking contrast to Heather House which feels lost in the woods. It made me appreciate once again how lucky we are to have found this house.

The next day I put on my snowshoes again and made my way around the eastern end of the lake. The houses are not so thick there. I passed by a real estate sign that we think we can match up with one we’ve seen on the road.

On Monday the snow had finally stopped and we went to shovel off the driveway. We then spent the rest of the day groaning in pain from the strain. The wind had drifted up the snow in places and scoured others near bare, so it was hard to judge just how much snow we were moving, but the deepest we had to plow through was maybe eight or nine inches.


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