New Year’s snow

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve day, E. and I headed back out in the woods after breakfast. We’d had some wild wind in previous day and I had spotted a big tree limb down. Together we lugged it out of the woods and I started cutting it up for the firewood pile. Just as I was finishing up, it started to snow. The snow got very thick very fast and we were glad to get inside. The snow went on for the rest of the day and left us with maybe a couple of inches. Today the woods are all decked with snow and pretty.

The lake seems to be frozen pretty well solid. I was hoping to get my skates out and go exploring the shore, but the snowfall put an end to that plan. Hopefully I’ll get the chance before the winter is out. This snow, though, makes an excellent opportunity for E. and me to try out our new snowshoes. The forecast is saying snow every day from today until early next week, so that may make for a nice fresh snowy surface for us to tromp on.


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