We have had an absolutely delightful Christmas. Theo came down to visit us for a couple of days at Heather House, where we had a Finnish-style Christmas: celebrating on the 24th with a big dinner in the evening followed by presents. We made ham with fruit sauce, carrot casserole, rutabaga casserole, mashed potatoes, and cucumber salad. Theo was a huge help in the kitchen.

During the day the three of us played World of Warcraft and watched some Doctor Who. In the evening, after dinner, presents, and more Who, E. and Theo kindly helped me playtest the prototype of a new game. This game was inspired by Munchkin, but designed to be cooperative rather than competitive. I enjoy playing games, but I’m not a competitive person and its hard to find games where players work together rather than against each other. We had fun and the play gave me some very useful ideas for changes to the game.

On Christmas morning, the three of us had breakfast together, then we set out. Theo headed home and E. and I set out for Raymond to spend a few days with my family. The weather was clear and there wasn’t much traffic on the roads, so we made good time to Maine and arrived in Raymond a little after noon. Kristin and Daniel were both there, as was my grandmother along with my parents. We gathered around the tree while E. and I opened more presents and gave out ours to the family. Then we sat down to Christmas dinner together.

In the evening, we broke out one of our new presents: Settlers of Catan from Daniel. Kris, Dan, E. and I sat down together and played a game (which I quite unexpectedly won).


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