O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree

The first Christmas tree in Heather House!

Oi kuusipuu, oi kuusipuu

We headed out this morning right after breakfast into a beautiful sunny day to go and get our Christmas tree. There are no spruce or fir trees growing in our woods out back, so we couldn’t take the usual Jensen approach of cutting one off our own land. We went to check out a local tree farm, but they had a big sign up saying “Closed for the season.” We were rather shocked, but I guess they’ve sold out their crop for the year already. So we went a little further to our local nursery which has cut trees in stock and picked one that we liked. We tied it to the roof of my car and drove it home.

It is now standing, cheerfully decorated, in the corner of our living room. Over the past few days we’ve been doing a “joulusiivous” or Christmas cleaning of the whole house. It took a lot of work, but it’s satisfying to have a nicely cleaned house to put up our tree in.

In other news, we had lobster for dinner tonight. E. and I have an arrangement whereby whenever one of us performs certain specified chores of housework we earn points. When either of us gets to 100 points, we earn a reward, and my reward is lobster. I earned this particular back at the end of the summer, but with the busy semester we haven’t gotten around to it. This afternoon, once we had the tree up and decorated, I went out to do a little grocery shopping and picked up a couple of lobsters on the way, one for me and one for E. They were pretty big, certainly the biggest lobster I’ve ever eaten, and so very delicious to eat.


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