Whose woods these are, I think I know…

Our back yard and woods in snow

On Wednesday this week we woke up to a furious snowstorm.  The picture doesn’t show it, but it was hard to see outside for the blowing of the snow.  I checked to see if SSC might have canceled classes for the day, but they hadn’t, and I didn’t want to have to cancel my own classes if I didn’t have to, so I started driving early and slowly.  I had to stop near the turn of Heather Rd. to clear a fallen tree limb out of the way.  There was fortunately very little traffic on the road, so I was able to drive as cautiously as I felt like.   The highway had seen some plowing and sanding and was in slightly better shape than the local roads, but no one was moving faster than around 35.  Then, about halfway to Salem, I passed through a very clear rain/snow line and within a few minutes I was on wet but clear roads without any sign of snow.  In Salem it was raining hard, but there was no white to be seen.  When I headed north again in the evening the precipitation had stopped and the roads had all been well cleared, but I once again drove across a clear line into snowy ground.  I suppose a lot of it has to do with proximity to the coast, some to north-south difference, a good deal to the dynamics of that particular storm and maybe some to the heat-sinking effects of the greater Boston metropolitan area, but it was a curious thing to observe in the field.


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