New Haven

This past weekend we made a trip down to New Haven to visit our friends Miti and Stephen. I had to teach on Friday and we wanted to leave as soon as I was done, but driving up to Georgetown only to turn around and head back down 95 would have been a waste of a good couple hours, so E. drove with me to campus in the morning, took the car home, then came down to pick me up after classes.

We had fairly good driving down to New Haven. We spent a fair part of the way singing Christmas carols and getting in the spirit of the season. There were a good many lyrics we couldn’t remember, so some of our singing went like: “Hark the herald angels sing, glory to the newborn king! Peace on earth and something something, something something something something!” We also decided that too many of the good songs have religious lyrics and somebody really ought to do something about that, darn Christians messing up a perfectly good holiday, grumble mutter gripe…

It was wonderful to see Miti and Stephen, as always. They welcomed us with good food and then we settled down for the night on their futon.

The next day was cold and rainy, but we went out for a walk by the seashore nonetheless and it was good to have a little exercise. E. suddenly started feeling faint, however, so we went back to get warmed up and have a bite of lunch. In the evening, after a delicious Indian dinner courtesy of Stephen, we went to see a very funny play, “Sister’s Christmas Catechism,” in which the Sister, with the help of audience members who make a living nativity scene complete with costumes and props, solves the mystery of what happened to the Magi’s gold.

E. had to be home to go to work on Sunday evening, so we had to head out right after lunch. The previous day’s rain had turned into a light dusting of snow. As we drove north, we found the snow getting more and more substantial. In Georgetown we had a couple of inches on the ground, although it was warm enough to melted off most of the driveway.


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