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November sunshine

November 17, 2009

Both E. and I slept very poorly last night and were slow getting moving in the morning. It was a beautiful sunny, mild day out, though, and we needed to go grocery shopping as well as run some errands to our respective banks and the drug store, so we walked into town. We went to E.’s bank first and then to mine, then the drug store for some more allergy medicine for me. Finally we got our groceries and headed home. It was great to get some exercise and fresh air, we both continue to appreciate how walkable Georgetown is.



November 15, 2009

The past couple of weeks have been busy, but fairly ordinary, so I haven’t had much to talk about.

Yesterday there was a craft fair at the Governor’s Academy, where E. works, and we went to check it out even though the rain was coming down in buckets. There were lots of beautiful things to look at: wooden wares, glass, pottery, textiles, paper crafts, photography, and more. One of E.’s colleagues at the library was there with her yarn and knitware, handmade and hand spun from fleece from her own sheep and goats. We also admired some pottery made by the ceramics teachers at the school and we ended up buying some bowls and a lovely casserole dish. The casserole got its inaugural use this evening for a shepherd’s pie.


Our new casserole

Strange Halloween

November 1, 2009

We’ve just had our first Halloween in Heather House and it was a strange one in many ways.

First of all: the weather. The air was warm and damp– the thermometer read 70F and I was cheerfully tromping around outside in a t-shirt, seriously contemplating changing into shorts! This after the past few weeks of wearing a jacket, scarf, and gloves when I set off to work in the morning. That was terribly un-Halloweenish. In other respects, though, it was very appropriate weather: there was a fierce wind blowing gray clouds by overhead. As the day wore on it become more overcast and threatening. Altogether, the weather seemed suitably ominous.

I carved a jack-o-lantern, my first in years. I got the pumpkin a couple of weeks back, meaning to carve it up a week or so before Halloween, but the past week has been so busy that I haven’t had time to think of it. It’s advising time at SSC, which means I have to be on campus a lot more than usual meeting with students. There have also been a number of meetings in the department lately and a lot going on in my classes. So it wasn’t until the afternoon of Halloween itself that I finally plomped myself down on the back deck with pumpkin, knife, and spoon to scoop out a carve a jack-o-lantern. When it was done, I set it on the front porch and E. found a candle to light it up with.


First jack-o-lantern since grade school!

E. and I were both at home Halloween night. We lit many candles and sat watching episodes of Stargate: SG1 on my laptop by their light, waiting to see if any trick-or-treaters would come by. We weren’t sure what to expect. We’re out at the end of a woodsy road with not many houses nearby, but there’s a large residential neighborhood between us and downtown Georgetown not all that far away and we often see kids walking through the woods out back (not that we much like it that they cut across our land, but that’s another story). As it turned out, though, nobody came. Maybe we’re just too far out in the woods to be worth the hike, or maybe all the local kids join the crowds in Salem for Halloween.

Whatever the explanation, though, all that candy isn’t going to eat itself…