Back to school

I have had a couple of weeks of classes now and I’m looking forward to the rest of the semester. I’m teaching on section of Greece and Rome and three sections of World History 1. They all come one after another in a big four-hour block Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which can be tiring, but all of my classes are enjoyable. It’s always nice to teach something I actually know, so teaching Greece and Rome is a pleasure. All of my World History classes are energetic and talkative, which is so much easier than trying to deal with a class that won’t talk. Each has its own personality, as well, in that strange way that classes do. The first class is cheerfully disorganized, which I can deal with since that’s more or less my own teaching personality. The second is opinionated and argumentative and can be hard to keep from breaking out into chaos, but so far they’ve been responsive when I need to call them back into line; despite having a number of people with strong and diverse opinions, there has been no nastiness or lack of respect. My final World History class is my favorite, though: the mood in class is one of earnest enthusiasm and interest and despite being at the end of the afternoon they have never lacked for energy or things to say. I count myself lucky to have all these kids for the semester.



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