Virginia and Maine

Since my computer went bust on me and had to be reset to scratch, I haven’t written up my recent activities properly, but here’s a short run-down:

E. and I made a short visit to Virginia to spend some time with Kris. We got to meet her new gentleman, Dan, as well as her cats, whom we haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know before. Highlights of our trip included a half-day horseback ride, a performance of Much Ado about Nothing, and barbecue at the Blue Ridge Pig. Dan did a super job of cooking for us and we were introduced to Bananagrams, a fun new word game.

Back at Heather House, we found that we had a wasp problem. For a while we were catching and evicting a wasp a day or more from upstairs, and we found many dad wasps in the attic. We never saw where they were nesting, but we did eventually see where they seemed to be going in and out of the house. The last straw was when I found one underneath my pillow as I was going to bed. We called an exterminator who dusted the attic with something deadly to wasps and sprayed the outside of the house. Since then, we haven’t had any more trouble.

We spent a few days up in Maine visiting with family at the end of August and went to my cousin Kate’s wedding. The wedding was held outdoors on a farm and would have been really lovely except for the fact that hurricane Danny was blowing by offshore on the same day and brought cold wind and rain with it. The day before had been sunny and warm, and so was the day after, but that one day was pretty miserable. Still, they made the best of it. They had a tent with walls and heaters and there was plenty of good cheer to go around. It was a short and simple ceremony, but also beautiful in its simplicity, and the reception was bountifully supplied with wonderful food, much of it grown right there on the farm.

We’ve had a full and enjoyable summer of travelling, but I’m glad that fall is now here and we’re settling down again. My classes start tomorrow and I’m a little nervous, as always, about settling in with new groups of students. I’m teaching three classes of World History 1 and one class of Greece and Rome this fall, the same as I did last fall. The Greece and Rome class will be pretty much the same as before, but I keep trying different things with World History, which is part of the fun.


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