For many weeks, the weather hereabouts has been gray, wet, cloudy, and chilly.  It was getting to be quite depressing.  The past few days, though, have been much more summery: warm, sunny, and drier (although we’re still sometimes getting rain in the evenings).

Yesterday, E. and I took the opportunity to transplant a rose and a couple of blackberry bushes that were growing wild in in our woods to our backyard where they can get more sun and we can enjoy them.  We also labored at the Herculean task of mowing the grass that has gotten long and thick from soaking up all that rain.

E. has been transplanting wildflowers from around our yard to some of the bare patches.  The plant identification book that Mom and Dad lent us has proven to be very useful.  Someday we ought to get one of our own.


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2 Responses to “Transplants”

  1. pj Says:

    Hmm. An idea for Santa! Browse some flower/tree/weed/whatever books and let us know which ones appeal to you. Santa would love to know!

    We are getting slobbered with MORE rainy, cold, windy weather. We’re growing musty and moldy and grouchy. Please send SUN!

    • heatherhouse Says:

      We’re getting more of the dismal wet weather again here, too. As Theo remarked: “What a relief that two-day drought is over and we’re finally getting rain again!”

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