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Comings and goings

July 28, 2009

I was just up in Maine for a few days to visit. When I got back here, out friends Miti and Stephen came to spend a couple days with us. We’re about to take off for Finland on vacation, and when we get back we’re going to Virginia for a few days with Kris. Later on in August we’re heading up to Maine again to attend my cousin’s wedding. Things are going to be busy for a while. I’ll report in when I can, but it will probably be September before I get back to even my usually sporadic standards of posting.


Signs of summer

July 13, 2009

After a dismally cold and wet June, July is finally shaping up to be more summer-like. Among the encouragingly summerish events and sightings of the past week:

– Georgetown has started hosting a farmers’ market, apparently for the first time. E. and I strolled down there Saturday afternoon. It wasn’t a big affair, maybe half a dozen booths from a couple of local farms, a local bakery, a local restaurant, and some people selling incense and wooden goods. We decided to be generous in our patronage in hopes of encouraging this to keep to going and develop. We got some baked goodies, carrots, beets, a jar of jam, and some barbecue for lunch. It was a delightful stroll in the sunshine and we got some good stuff out of it.

– At the bend in the road where the paving gives way to dirt and Heather Road starts, there has always been a big puddle. Something about the shape of the land there just collects and holds water. While walking by recently, we startled a dozen or so little frogs that when hopping over to the far side of the puddle.

– A couple days ago I lent a hand to the neighbors to help put their dock in the pond. It’s a fairly simple floating affair, secured to a granite block on the shore and with a couple of hollow pvc legs tunked down into the lakebed at the end. A couple of local boys were fishing, and I helped one get his line untangled.

– I’ve started swimming in the pond. It’s a shallow pond and I have to swim my way through weeds to get into open water, but once a little ways out from shore it’s good swimming. Going across the pond to the opposite shore and back makes for a nice bit of exercise before lunch. The water is a little cloudy and the bottom rather mucky, but I’ve been enjoying my swimming nonetheless.

Erik swimming in Rock Pond

Erik swimming in Rock Pond


July 7, 2009

For many weeks, the weather hereabouts has been gray, wet, cloudy, and chilly.  It was getting to be quite depressing.  The past few days, though, have been much more summery: warm, sunny, and drier (although we’re still sometimes getting rain in the evenings).

Yesterday, E. and I took the opportunity to transplant a rose and a couple of blackberry bushes that were growing wild in in our woods to our backyard where they can get more sun and we can enjoy them.  We also labored at the Herculean task of mowing the grass that has gotten long and thick from soaking up all that rain.

E. has been transplanting wildflowers from around our yard to some of the bare patches.  The plant identification book that Mom and Dad lent us has proven to be very useful.  Someday we ought to get one of our own.