Radio drama

Yesterday while I was driving home from campus I had the radio on in the car, tuned to the local public radio news station, WBUR, as usual. Normally I get the signal perfectly clearly, but this time there was a lot of interference. I tried fiddling with the tuner, but to no avail. The sound kept breaking up and turning into something different, as if I were getting interference from another radio station, which is what I figured it must be. Then I started noticing that in the interference I was hearing some of the same newscasts being repeated, delayed by anything from a few seconds to a couple of minutes, but with the same recognizable NPR personalities. That’s weird, I thought to myself. I know there’s another public radio station in the area, but they mostly play music, and their channel is nowhere near this one. Then, I heard: “This is Wisconsin public radio.”


I could believe it if I were getting interference from a New Hampshire station, but Wisconsin? All I can figure is that something funny must have been going on at the WBUR transmitters. Something very funny.

On the other hand, of all days to have my commuting-time news interrupted by technical difficulties, this was not too bad. Most of the reporting seemed to be about Michael Jackson. I wasn’t interested in hearing about that man when he was alive, and while the fact of his death is arguably a newsworthy event, I am no more interested in hearing about him now.


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