Recent arrivals– welcome and otherwise

When we moved into Heather House, we had great hopes of seeing chipmunks in our woods. Sadly, none were to be seen or heard for the first few months. About a week ago, though, we started seeing and hearing lots and lots of chipmunks all around us, and today we officially spotted the first one bounding across our property. I don’t know why they haven’t been in evidence until now (I’m pretty sure they should have woken up from their long winter’s nap months ago), but we’re happy to have them.

Some weeks back we planted pear and cherry trees out back, and the local deer have discovered their young tender leaves, so E. and I have been working on putting up fencing around the trees to keep the hungry critters at bay.

We’ve had plenty of robins hopping around our yard for months, but this afternoon we spotted a pair of birds with black backs and bright orange bellies. I don’t know my birds well enough to be sure, but I wonder if we might have had a couple of Baltimore orioles.

Another recent arrival of a different kind: a couple of days ago E. snipped a white hair off my head—the first that either of us has noticed on me.


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