Recipe: lamb pseudo-tagine

This is a recipe that I worked out myself based on a Moroccan lamb tagine. I can’t properly call it a tagine, since it’s not an authentic Moroccan recipe. All I can say is that it is somewhat tagine-like. Tagine-inspired. Any similarity between this recipe and any actual Moroccan cooking is purely coincidental, etc. Still, I happen to like it.

The lamb is cooked with couscous in a big dish, so that the cooking liquid from the couscous keeps the meat moist, and the juices of the meat drip down into the couscous. Sweet dates and sharp olives make for a variety of flavors and pine nuts give it some crunch. As usual in my cooking, all measurements are approximate and most ingredients can be substituted (the last time I made this I didn’t have pine nuts, for example, so I used slivered almonds instead).


Boneless leg of lamb
4 cups / 10 dl couscous
4 cups / 10 dl stock
2 cups / 5 dl cooking wine
1 cup / 2 dl pitted dried dates, roughly chopped
1 cup / 2 dl kalamata olives, roughly chopped
½ / 1 dl cup pine nuts
A large pinch each of turmeric, mint, garlic, and black pepper

Pour the couscous into a large oven dish with a cover. (Rice would probably also work fine for this recipe, although you’d have to adjust the amount of liquid.)

Couscous and spices

Couscous and spices

Stir the spices, dates, olive, and nuts into the couscous, then add the stock and wine.

Olives, dates, and nuts

Olives, dates, and nuts

Lay the leg of lamb on top.

Leg of lamb

Leg of lamb

Cover the dish and bake at 325 F / 170 C until the lamb is cooked through.

Something sort of like a tagine!

Something sort of like a tagine!

When ready, slice the lamb and serve it with the couscous.



One Response to “Recipe: lamb pseudo-tagine”

  1. Lii Says:

    Looks so delish and easy to make! :d

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