Travels and tribulations

Last week we spent a few days in Maine visiting friends and family.  Then we came back to Heather House, where Kris visited with us for a few days.  While she was here, she was unfortunately sick with something unpleasant, but we still had a good time together and just took things easy.

After another quick trip to Maine to carry some assorted cargo (including swapping some beds around), E. came down with something that has had her sniffling and coughing so badly that she’s found it very hard to sleep.  No sleep on top of being sick has made things very hard for her, but there has been a bright spot: last week she went to an interview for a job at the library of a nearby boarding school, and yesterday they called back to offer her the job.  It is a great relief to her to be done with job-searching, and the place and people sound very god indeed.  When fall comes, we will both be going back to school.


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