Yet people say, I know not why, that we shall have a warm July

Yesterday we got a burst of hot heather, which continues today. In the past few weeks we’ve been having temperatures in the sixties; yesterday it was up in the eighties and tomorrow may be even hotter. We stayed inside in the middle hours of the day when the sun was at its hottest, but a little later in the afternoon we went outside to enjoy it. Strolling down in the woods we could see a lot of new pale green leaves starting to pop out. Then we worked at filling in more of the pebble border around the foundation. We used two buckets: while I was filling up one with small rocks, E. was emptying the other into the border. When one bucket was full and the other empty, we traded off buckets and went back to it.

After a refreshing shower and a change of clothes, we headed down to Salem to have dinner out and go to the SSC theatre production of Pirates of Penzance. It was a delightful production and a lot of fun. All of the performers did well, both the characters and the choruses, and some of them had very good singing voices. The Major-General had a squeaky little voice and fussy mannerisms that fit the character perfectly. The policemen were quite the clowns and the daughters were giggly and silly. Several of my students have been in the technical crew for the production, but none of them were on stage.


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