The grounds

Spring has moved along. The front lawn is now filling in nicely. Up close it still look scraggly, but from a distance it’s starting to look like the real thing. The back yard is still very bare, but little green tips are starting to appear here and there. By summer we might really have a lawn.

Our increasingly green front lawn

Our increasingly green front lawn

A few days ago we dug up a little piece of ground to do our first plantings at Heather House: four blueberry bushes. We got the bushes, two each of two different varieties, from a local nursery and planted them according to instructions with a mix of soil and compost. Hopefully they will turn out well and we will get to enjoy our very own blueberries. If they don’t turn out well, we’ll have to try something else.

E. has been working away at a big project, laying out a border of pebbles and small stones around the foundation of the house to keep the rainwater falling off the roof from washing away all the soil.

Pebble/stone border around the foundation

Pebble/stone border around the foundation

I’ve had a stone project of my own. At the back of our driveway there’s a small but rather steep banking up to the back yard. I’ve been working at covering the exposed earth with rocks to help keep it in place and protect it from washing out with the rain. I’ve also been building some steps into the slope. I’ve “quarried” the stone from a crumbling old stone wall that runs through the woods out behind the house, and which has been an excellent source for nice flat rocks.

Steps to the back yard

Steps to the back yard


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2 Responses to “The grounds”

  1. khj Says:


  2. pj Says:

    Love the stones. Where did Eppu find all those little pebbles. Such nicely rounded ones!

    NB Daylilies make great ground cover for steep bankings, in case you’d like something green to hold the soil on that slope. Plant, mulch, enjoy.

    You might find the birds will get to your blueberries before you do. You can cover the bushes with some gauzy cloth before the berries ripen to keep the birds off.

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